AHG Pathfinder Lapbook

A couple a years ago, I was the leader for the Pathfinder Unit at our American Heritage Girl troop. I decided to create a lapbook to go along with our program that would help them remember their oath and also serve as a souvenir of their Pathfinder year.  This lapbook goes over the 4 parts of our AHG Oath.

This is the cover.

 I used the Cricut Cartridge Everyday Paper Dolls to make the doll.

Front Flap

To Love God Section

Cherish My Family.  This section has two pockets that has a Memory Game and hold Family Helper Coupons.


Honor My Country


Serve In My Community

The AHG Creed

On the back I put a picture of our Unit.

To download the PDF, click here

Getting Back to Life & Missing Vacation Life

I’m missing vacation life right now.  Sitting on the balcony of the condo or on the beach reading my bible or a book.  Having no pressure to be anywhere. Living on island time was nice.  Our family trip to South Padre Island was such a relaxing time that I seriously want to buy a condo on any beach near home so I could get away.

As if I didn’t have enough to do already, we are adding more things to our busy schedule this year.  This year I’m a unit leader for our American Heritage Girls troop.  This is a lot of fun and I’m so passionate about it, but it is a lot of work!  I have  22 girls in grades 4th-6th grade in my group.  They are a wonderful group of girls with a lot of energy!

I can’t believe this is my oldest son LAST YEAR of homeschooling.  I can’t believe I MADE IT!!!  Senior year in highschool.  WOW!  We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I know we can finish strong this year!!! I don’t even want to start thinking of college.  I have another son who is junior this year and my daughter is in 5th grade.  School keeps us busy!

I’m always busy at church.  Last Sunday was a rare Sunday where we were not on schedule to work any service.  It was so nice to sleep in and come to the late service.  At church, I’m involved with the Media Team and the Worship band.  So on Sundays, I’m usually working with the Media Team and at our Tuesday service I’m playing the keyboard in the band.  I’m always busy!   In addition to this, we just started a Bible Study group at our house.  I’m excited about this.  I love being in a small group setting, digging into God’s words, hearing what others have to say, worshiping God  and praying together.  I love it!!!

So, I’m pretty busy..really, I need to get off the computer and start getting ready for tonight’s Bible Study.

South Padre Island

For our family vacation this year, we decided to go to South Padre Island.  This is our first time here.  Being that we are a home schooled family, we love that we can go on vacation when ever we want.  Here in Texas, public schools start back around August 19th.  We decided to come during the last week of August since everyone has to be at school. The island is pretty empty and we love it this way.

Here is the view from our condo.  For me, this was the perfect view.  We never had the sun full on our balcony, so we were able to sit out there all day long and enjoy the view.  Most days, we would just relax at our condo during the day when it was hot outside.  We brought lots of board games  and some movies.   In late afternoon, when the sun was going down, we  would hit the beach.  We had brought our canopy with us to Padre Island, but never used it.  It was just great being able to walk to the beach and not have to lug a millions things.   We never even put sunscreen on which made me so happy.  I hate the feeling of sunscreen and sand on my body.   The sun would set behind our condo, thus casting a nice shade on the beach…perfect beach setting!!

The kids enjoyed going into the water.  It is a lot clearer than our local Galveston beach.  I’m not a sea water person. I rather be in the pool.  I would spend our beach time sitting in my chair reading a book.

Here are are few pics of our condo.

We were pleasantly surprised at how big our condo was.

The kitchen

We only did a few touristy things while we were there. We went on a Dolphin watch tour and only saw about 4 dolphins while we were out.  As part of the Dolphin Tour, they also did a eco presentation.   They put out a net to catch some fish and then transfer all the fish to this display case in the middle of the boat.  They would then talk about all the different fish they caught and allow you to touch or hold the fish.

A Crab

A puff fish

He tried to get these fish to puff up, but only one would puff up a little.

A butterfly Ray

Everyone thought this was a sting ray, but it’s not.  It does not have a barb on it’s tail, and the shape is different than a sting ray.

We didn’t see many dolphins.  Only a few and they were brief.  Other large boats scared them away and so we didn’t get any pictures of them.  We also visited the Sea Turtle Conservation.  Each year, thousands of eggs are laid on the beaches of South Padre Island.  This place will patrol the beaches to protect them while they are on the beach.  You can find them on the beach from April to August..  They were all gone when we were there.     At the Sea Turtle Inc, they house many turtles that keep finding themselves stranded on the beach.  Several the turtles have been hurt, so they are just waiting for them to recover before returning them to the sea.

These pic are not in focus.

Well, we are back home ready to get back to the real world…ok..not really, why can’t vacations last FOREVER!!

Extreme Couponing

I ventured out to pick up some deals and get stuff for free. I got my list and coupons ready and headed to the stores early in the morning. This is what I came home with.

I got 10 bottles of Right Guard body wash for FREE!!!!!!!  Loving it!  A couple weeks ago, Walgreens was having a sale Buy One Get One free and in the newspaper that week was a coupon for the same product for Buy One Get One free.  I headed to Walgreens, but they were all out.  So I asked for a rain check.  One store gave me 4 and I went to another store and they gave me 6.   After the sale was over, I would check to see if they were stocked back up, but they were not.  Today, they were stocked up, but not any longer because I cleaned them out… sorry!   This is $128 dollars worth of products, but I only paid $22.  Oh yeah!  I think I could get a hang of this extreme coupon shopping!

Not bad for hitting the stores on Fridays.  I would have gotten more if I would have hit the stores on Monday.  So I know what I’m doing this weekend…PLANNING my next shopping trip!!!


Coupons Coupons Coupons Coupons

I’m going to start using coupons again to help bring my grocery bill down.  I’ve use to use coupons, but never really got into like I could.  My mom was a big coupon lady back in my high school days, nearly 20 years ago, and she would drag her big box of coupons to the store.  Being a typical teenager, I was kind of embarrassed of her big shoe box duct taped together with homemade file dividers.  She did save a lot of money and had a nice stock pile at home.  When our house caught on fire, she found the perfect opportunity to remodel our house that included a large stock pantry.  It was like a mini grocery store because she found some old grocery store shelves and installed them in stock pantry.

So, back to the future and here I’m trying the coupon thingy again.  I tried a few years ago and joined another website that would give me coupon deals for the stores I shopped at.   I did not like paying for that service….deep down, I hated spending money that was going help me save money. Even thought it didn’t cost much, it just bothered me.  So I dropped the service.

A couple weeks ago, I found this free online service that does the same thing.  Great!!! I LOVE FREE!!  Check the link below!

Coupons, Grocery Coupons, Printable Coupons, Coupon Database, Coupon Match Ups, Restaurant Coupons, Coupon Codes.

So, I’m back to collecting coupons.  I was able to get this awesome deal for newspapers and I will be getting 4 Sunday papers delivered to my door for 50 cents each!!!!!  That’s 4 newspapers for the price of one!   Oh yeah!  I’m back in the game.